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Our Coffee

We love what we do.

Schluter Limited is both about great coffee, and about working with the people who produce it and roast it.

We are a small family company, and whilst we are old (founded in 1858), we are not big. Being small means that we cannot do everything, or be a an expert in everything. That is why we focus on Africa, and focus almost entirely on top quality Arabica coffees from the continent – countries such as, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Burundi, Rwanda, Kenya, Uganda, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Zambia, D.R Congo, Madagascar and Cameroon. This we have been doing for almost 100 years, since the first days of commercial coffee production in Africa.

We are here to provide roasters with the best beans for their packets. I like to think that we are the intel in your coffee packet. We can provide the vital ingredients which, combined with your skills of roasting, can provide your customers with a fantastic cup of coffee which will bring them back for more.

We are interested in building relationships between consumers and producers, and happy to share the information we have to enable you to share it with your consumers. We would love to facilitate your visits to go and see the farmers who grow your coffee if you have the time and resources to go. Please ask us for photos, details, pricing information – in fact anything which can better your knowledge of the people who grow the coffee you enjoy.

It is not always possible to give information for every bean – internal marketing systems like the ECX in Ethiopia prevent it in some cases – but where it is, we see it as integral to what we do. Where you would like some kind of exclusivity to develop a coffee in the UK market, we are open to discussing that to the extent to which we are able to offer it.

We are happy to sell any quantity from one bag upwards, and hope to provide a personalised service no matter how big or small your business is. We are happy to send you samples of what we can offer too.