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Our Philosophy


To transform lives in Africa through commerce in a mutually profitable way.

The coffee business will do this by being the most trustworthy buyer and seller of Quality African Coffee in the world market.

Our core beliefs are:

• We believe in the future of Africa

• We believe that African Coffee is the best in the world

• We believe that trust is earned

• We believe that all business must be done in a way that reflects the character of God

• We believe in the value of relationships

• We believe that all business must be done to the benefit of all parties involved


Schluter is a family business, we have been in Africa since the early days of commercial coffee production.
• We value the principles of tradition, experience, sustained relationship, and cooperation.
• We are enthusiastic about our product, and about the people and regions that produce it and consume it.
• We trade in a socially responsible & ethical manner, providing close links between our buyers & suppliers.